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Who Am I AND What Makes Me Good at What I DO?

Welcome to My World

My life revolves around my family. I have two beautiful children, whom I cannot wait to find out who they will grow to be. My husband is my best friend. Life would not be the same without the support and love of such amazing people.

But............. my passion is solving problems, that create solutions and bring teams of people together. There is nothing more exciting for me than digging into a process or software that is not functioning properly. My mind immediately starts categorizing the pieces working to find the missing connection or reorganizing them to work properly.

Like most accountants I began my career in public accounting. These were some of the best years of my career. Working in public accounting and studying for the CPA exam was taxing, but it gave me the solid foundation that has enable my success. Not only was I studying and learning the laws and regulations, but I was putting them into practice at the same time.

Enough about blah, blah, blah accounting. I had all that accounting down, debits, credits, reconciliations, spreadsheets, spreadsheets and more spreadsheets. Its black and white and people just go to work and balance and close the books. THE END.

Out of college that was my prospective. The perfect world. As an auditor I just could not understand how these accountants couldn't get it right. Then I became a manager......

It was time to learn the key to success....learning to lead people. Psht, that's easy. If you think that, than you have yet to become one. A leader is a role that is earned. It achieved by earning respect, trust, and a profound interest to work alongside you. The best leaders don't ask for employees to follow them. The employees want to work with them. Did I forget to tell you that I am also passionate about people.

Life is all about determining where your passion takes you and how to make a profound impact. I have always known that I enjoy helping others achieve success.

Starting this business has been a dream of mine. I am very passionate at what I do and always find solutions that align teams to achieve success. I cannot wait to see who I get to work with and what we solve. Pick up the phone and give me a call. Together we can achieve; the possibilities are endless.

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